Glamping with horses
In the field nearby gracing horses you will be living in the middle of the nature! You will be surrounded by fresh air, natures sounds and birds. In a well furnished tent you have the comfort combined with the nature. Book down below.
Terms and conditions 1 & 2
Every tent is uniqueliy furnished and this is an example of how it can look. There is electricity for lights and phone charging.
On the farm there is a farm boutique with local handicrafts and supplies. There is a café offering ice cream, coffee, tea and snacks in the very cosy barn. When staying as a guest you can be offered a range of activities - book a massage, morning meditation, hangout in the alcohol free bar or participate in any of the other events at c/o Söraby. There is a possibility to pre book breakfast buffet, minimum 2 persons. Breakfast is served in the barn.
From 650 SEK per night
WC is a dry toilet with electric light. Outside there is a zink with cold water and a possibility to clean hands ad teeth. In the WC toilet paper and wet napkins will be provided. The WC is placed on the farm within walking distance from the tents. finns toalettpapper och våtservetter. WC is available for glamping- and tent guests only.
Space for RV & Camp site
There are possibilities renting a spot for your tent, mobile home or camper. It is free camping on a green area by the glamping tents a couple of hundred meters from the farm. There is a farm boutique and events to participate in.
RV 150 SEK per vehicle and night, no WC
Tent 150 SEK per person and night, WC included
Very individually and lovingly furnished. Very nice operator.
— Camping guests 2023
Guest reviews
If any questions, please use this form or send an email.
070-736 03 49
Söraby Norrgård 1, 575 94 Eksjö

Via E4, take south at Mjölby. Follow the road until you have passed Eksjö. In Abboraviksrondellen take left to Vetlanda. Thereafter, take left towards Nifsarp and thereafter right towards Höreda. Keep going and after passing Mellby church drive for 400 meters and the farm with the yellow house will be on the left side. Turn in there for check-in.

From Vetlanda, pass Värne. Thereaftrer there is a small bridge and the barn and the yellow house is on the right side. For the tent site, follow the sign Söraby 1 km, (just south of the farm). The site is inside the ropes  on the left side of the gravel road.
Contact for tourist attractions
Småland has many tourist attractions. For some of them, use the links below to find yours!

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